Coronavirus Killer
to People

A Letter to All Peoples of the Earth

Little Genius Manifesto

My dear people,

It hurts me so much to hear about Coronavirus and Covid, which are taking our loved ones away. Each person is the world and each time someone dies, the world dies, and it hurts the whole family and humanity. I want everyone to be alive and happy.

I am an inventor. I invented a device that defeats Coronavirus and any other virus. I have developed many such devices – for everyone, everywhere.

Masks can only prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccine can only be administered in advance. And how can we treat those who are already sick, but do not know about it? How can we kill a virus inside a sick person? How can we secure our homes, shops, schools, cinemas, factories, airports? How can we make life the same – fun and joyful, kind and generous, full of friends and love? Instead of fear, despair and anger.

We need a simple device for everyone, for everyone – around the world, from pole to pole, from Greenwich to the west around the world and back to Greenwich.

Here it is – this device – for you all! It is easy to make. Let America, China, Russia produce devices for all the inhabitants of the Earth. Here is a description of my invention.

My famous invention teacher from InventRight, Stephen Key, says that we need to patent and license it, and this will slowly but surely bring a lot of money. My dad listened to Stephen and he has filed a patent application. It says that according to the rules of the Patent Office, you can’t tell anyone anything for a whole year, except “Patent pending.” However, I believe that people are more important than money, patents, and rules. People need help now, urgently around the world. Therefore, we give everything to people, at once, immediately.

People, I love you all. I want to save you and your loved ones. Please treat yourself, treat your relatives, treat your countries. May this make the world situation easier. May the world become healthier!

Rimond Aleinikov, 8 years old
Pleasanton, California, USA.

The Scared Planet Calls for a Super-hero Doctor!

Dear Brave Doctor: 

You know the situation. As more months pass, the coronavirus continues to bulldoze the cities around the world, emptying the streets, ruining the businesses, and leaving innocent victims in the graves. Hundreds of thousands have died. Millions of people are mourning the unexpected loss of loved ones. Billions are scared and hide or forced to quarantine. Politicians speak of masks, vaccines as the solutions to this wide problem. Scientists scramble to try new medications. And yet, people keep dying. Each time they die, there dies their potential to create masterpieces, books, and new discoveries.

Let’s stop it. I invented a device that can kill coronavirus (as well as other viruses). This device can be used by anyone, anywhere. This device has the potential to open up the world again. It will allow us to go to the cinema, shops, and schools. With this device, life can be the same again – filled with joy and friends and love. Fear, despair, and anger will become emotions of the past.

Governments spend billions of dollars on vaccinations, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, guards, and masks. They do what they can. They do what they KNOW. What they do not know is the following: my device may cost only $2 per person; it is affordable for everyone, everywhere. I believe that human life is priceless. Let’s save lives together.

What we need is YOU, a brave doctor or medical laboratory representative. We need your help to save humanity and test the device that I have created. All you need is a test tube with the virus and my device. When you use this device, the virus will be dead. It is that simple. Once we have your confirmation that the device worked, we can share the device with the world. Because of your bravery, the world will return to normal. You will become a super-hero that saved the world!

Please let me know if you can help.


Rimond and Andrei Aleinikov

P.S. If you are not a doctor, but you know somebody from this deeply respected medical community, please share this letter and help us save the world.

Rimond – Young Inventor!

We bring SAFE and

Press Release:

Rimond Aleinikov sends COVID-KILLER DEVICE to President

The US youngest inventor (8-y.o.) sends his COVID-KILLER DEVICE prototypes to save President Trump (while sacrificing his own legal claims and potentially huge gains).

San. Ramon, California, Oct. 04, 2020.

Rimond Aleinikov, the US youngest inventor, who earlier had patented a COVID-KILLER DEVICE and called for President Trump and World Presidents to take it and save people all over the world from pandemic (see, yesterday sent his prototypes directly to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trump to cure them from Covid-19.

The San Ramon USPS office employees first with a smile and then seriously promised to deliver the urgent parcel on Monday.

The COVID-KILLER DEVICE destroys viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens without biological (vaccine) or chemical (medications) influences. It works on the level of Physics. Being deadly to pathogens, it remains completely safe for humans.

The inventor sent a male version for the President himself and a female version for Mrs. Trump. Since the DEVICE kills virus nearly instantly (prior art states – 0.03 sec), the recovery may look like a “miracle.” The Inventor wished Mr. & Mrs. Trump a “miraculous recovery.”

To the question that this act may break his legal Patent application rights and, consequently, deprive him of millions of dollars in potential gain, he said: “Humans are more important than anything. We need to save the President!”

Andrei Aleinikov (father and co-inventor)

International Academy of Genius


Andrei Grigoryevich Aleinikov Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who