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Rimond Aleinikov sends COVID-KILLER DEVICE to President

The US youngest inventor (8-y.o.) sends his COVID-KILLER DEVICE prototypes to save President Trump (while sacrificing his own legal claims and potentially huge gains).

San. Ramon, California, Oct. 04, 2020.

Rimond Aleinikov, the US youngest inventor, who earlier had patented a COVID-KILLER DEVICE and called for President Trump and World Presidents to take it and save people all over the world from pandemic (see, yesterday sent his prototypes directly to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trump to cure them from Covid-19.

The San Ramon USPS office employees first with a smile and then seriously promised to deliver the urgent parcel on Monday.

The COVID-KILLER DEVICE destroys viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens without biological (vaccine) or chemical (medications) influences. It works on the level of Physics. Being deadly to pathogens, it remains completely safe for humans.

The inventor sent a male version for the President himself and a female version for Mrs. Trump. Since the DEVICE kills virus nearly instantly (prior art states – 0.03 sec), the recovery may look like a “miracle.” The Inventor wished Mr. & Mrs. Trump a “miraculous recovery.”

To the question that this act may break his legal Patent application rights and, consequently, deprive him of millions of dollars in potential gain, he said: “Humans are more important than anything. We need to save the President!”

Andrei Aleinikov (father and co-inventor)

International Academy of Genius